5 more Edmonton landmarks that you should visit

In a previous post, we featured 6 Edmonton landmarks that you should visit but we didn’t want to leave these out, so here is part 2!

Landmark: an object or feature of a landscape or town that is easily seen and recognized from a distance, especially one that enables someone to establish their location.

When you come to study at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, you will want to know about all of the best places where you can go to spend your free time. There are a lot of great and scenic places to explore throughout the city. 

1. Muttart Conservatory

muttart conservatory edmonton
Photo credit: Photograph Effects 


The Muttart Conservatory is a botanical garden that houses unique plants and trees from all over the world. The Conservatory consists of four pyramid-shaped buildings that are located in the river valley. Inside each pyramid, the Muttart Conservatory replicates different climates and environments so that we have the chance to see and enjoy different plants that would not typically grow here in Edmonton.

2. The High Level Bridge

The High Level Bridge is an iconic and well-known sight in Edmonton. The bridge is over the North Saskatchewan River and connects the University of Alberta area to downtown Edmonton. 

The High Level Bridge is open to cars and people, and it even lights up at nighttime – it’s a wonderful sight to see as you look out at the Edmonton skyline! 

3. The Fairmont Hotel MacDonald

edmonton fairmont hotel macdonald
Photo credit: City of Edmonton 


The Fairmont Hotel MacDonald opened in 1915 and today is known as the most luxurious hotel in Edmonton. This hotel has hosted many famous visitors, including Queen Elizabeth and other British royalty, as well as celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Justin Timberlake, and Brad Pitt.  The Hotel MacDonald is a beautiful sight to see as you walk through downtown, and when you dine on the patio you can enjoy a stunning view of the river valley.

4. Churchill Square

edmonton churchill square
Movies on the Square in Churchill Square         Photo credit: City of Edmonton


Sir Winston Churchill Square is a gathering place in downtown Edmonton, and is located right near City Hall. The Square is busy place that hosts a lot of special events, including the Edmonton International Street Performer’s Festival, New Year’s Eve Downtown, the Taste of Edmonton festival, and more. Even when there are no special events booked, it’s a nice place for people to eat lunch and enjoy the sun.

5. Heritage Amphitheatre in Hawrelak Park

edmonton hawrelak park symphony
Symphony Under the Sky           Photo credit: City of Edmonton

Hawrelak Park is located right near the UAlberta North Campus, about a 5-minute walk away. It’s a big, beautiful park along the river where people go to enjoy the outdoors by having picnics, playing sports, bicycling, and more.

In the park, you will find the Heritage Amphitheatre (an outdoor theatre), which is the largest of its kind in Western Canada. You can enjoy live performances of plays and music while surrounded by green grass, trees, and fresh outdoor air.  Each year, thousands go to enjoy events such as the Symphony under the Sky and the Free Will Shakespeare Festival. It is a wonderful place to spend an evening enjoying arts and culture as well as the beauty of nature.  


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Article by Julia Jones-Bourque


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