10 student-budget worthy things to do in Edmonton

We all know that students are on a tight budget, but there is plenty to do in the city that costs little to no money. Edmonton also has a large creative and entrepreneurial community, so there are always new and exciting events popping up each year. For now, here’s 10 ideas for fun things to do throughout the year on a student budget!



1. Watch a free movie during Movies on the Square

Each summer one of our largest city squares (Churchill Square) plays outdoor movies for free. Bring a chair or a blanket and enjoy a free film, right outside of city hall in the middle of downtown!


2. Visit the Art Gallery of Alberta for free

Love art and all things creative? Every Thursday from 6-9 pm you can visit the Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA) for free. The AGA is one of the largest galleries in Western Canada, showing new exhibits every few months that include both historical and modern art. Students also get a discount on regular admission with their OneCard, if you go any other day of the week.


3. Free downtown walking tours

Explore central Edmonton and learn about our history with these free guided walking tours! Discover things like public art, historic sites and beautiful river valley walkways. These tours run from June-August.


4. Watch dragon boat racing in the summer

Dragon boat races are fast-paced and fun competitions that happen along the mighty North Saskatchewan River which runs straight through the middle of the city. Invite some friends and cheer on your favourite team from the river’s edge. It's a great way to see the river valley and unleash your competitive side!


5. Stargaze at the UAlberta Observatory for free

Watch the nightsky or perhaps see a meteor shower or a shooting star! The Observatory is open year-round on Thursday evenings on the top of the CCIS building.


6. Watch a famous Edmonton sunset

Grab some friends and some snacks and watch one of our famous sunsets on one of the many beautiful river valley outlooks in the center of the city. We recommend watching from the High Level Bridge (just near our main campus), or in the park just North West of the bridge for some fantastic views.


7. Rent a bike through the UAlberta bike library and ride through the river valley

UAlberta Bike Library provides bike repairs, rentals, workshops on bike safety and more. You can rent a bike for a single day for $5 or a whole week for $10. Take advantage of this great resource and go explore the natural beauty of Edmonton’s extensive river valley trail system.

8. Go to the giant Edmonton corn maze

Join in on this Autumn tradition and wind your way through this oversized maze made of corn! It’s also a lot of fun to go with friends during the spooky Halloween season. Admission is $12, but if you go with 15 or more it’s only $10 per person. So get a bunch of friends together and see who can make it out the fastest!


9. Roam the city and play Pokemon Go

Lucky for us, UAlberta is a hot Pokestop with a whole lotta lures! Even if your not a Pokemon player, roaming the city with a friend to catch 'em all is a great way to find new amazing city locaitons.


10. Go to the Edmonton Zoo for free

Each year the Edmonton Zoo has a free day, this year it’s September 25, 2016. If you love cuddly animals, this is the place for you! Get in some free time with more than 300 wild creatures - from tigers to red pandas, to sea lions and wolves.



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Written by Alyssa Ott

Images: Cornmaze courtesy of the Edmonton Cornmaze, Dragon Boat courtesy of the Edmonton Sun, Movies on the Square from Frugal Edmonton Mama.

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