A UAlberta Degree not just a degree it’s an Experience


While looking around for a university to attend abroad, the obvious things students will look for are quality of the program and cost. While the University of Alberta does offer an amazing world class education, recognized all over the world, for a fair price, it also offers so much more including access to an amazing alumni network, work opportunities, more international opportunities then you would imagine as well and a great student community.


1)      Alumni Network

The Alumni network at the University of Alberta is diverse and strong and UAlberta alumni’s are notorious for their commitment to giving back to the community and the university. Throughout the year the Alumni Association hosts a variety of events not just on the UAlberta Campus, or even in Edmonton, but around the world as well. One of the most interesting programs that the Alumni hosts is the Educated Traveller program where fellow alumni and their family and friends can travel together with other Alumni to destinations all over the world. Just because you leave UAlberta doesn’t mean you stop being a part of the UAlberta worldwide community!


2)      Internship and Work Opportunities

There are many co-op, internships, and work experience programs run by various UAlberta faculties and offices and most of them are open to International students as well.  Many international students find various work opportunities all over campus as well from working in the ONEcard office, to working in the International Office (like yours truly), to working as a research assistant, or at the residences, there are many places where students can gain work experience without even having to leave campus!  


3)      International Opportunities

While studying aborad at UAlberta is an obvious international experience, many international students also like to take advantage of UAlberta’s partnerships with hundreds of world class universities all over the world. From completing a semester in France or Argentina, to interning in Singapore, to doing research in Australia, the opportunities are endless. Just check out Go Aborad UAlberta for more information on all the places you can go to.


4)      Student Community

Travelling abroad for school can be a little scary: Who will I meet?, Where can I go for help?, What will I do for fun? All these questions and more are probably running through your mind, but when you come to UAlberta getting into settled into life in Canada become easier when you get involved in Campus community. One of the first places to stop on campus that will help you get settled is the International Center on campus and International Student Services is also here to help.



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