A Perfect Saturday in Edmonton, Alberta


The University of Alberta is located in Edmonton, one of Canada’s economic hubs, which makes it a perfect place to launch your global career. But when choosing a University you have to think about your quality of life as well, such as where you’ll hang out with your new friends, where to get the perfect pizza, and what you’ll do to unwind in your new home. We’ve come up with what we consider an awesome Saturday in Edmonton – but you’ll just have to come to Edmonton to find out if you’d truly enjoy it ;)  


1. Breakfast spots

Start your day off right with some drool-worthy breakfast at one of the many delicious restaurants around campus. Some of our favourites include the much loved Sugarbowl located right beside the High Level Bridge, very close to Campus, or the equally close Leva Cappucino Bar which serves amazing pastries and delicious Pizza – because what’s more decadent than Pizza for breakfast?


2. Biking in the River Valley


After you’ve consumed your weight in delicious food, work off those calories by biking Edmonton’s beautiful river valley. The Edmonton River Valley is one of the largest urban stretches of River Valley Parkland in North America. There are 22 major parks and over 150km of trails where you can get lost an escape the hustle and bustle of city life – right in the middle of the city.  



3.       Farmer’s Market


After biking the valley consider stopping over at the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market and check out the amazing produce, cheeses, jams, snack foods, wines, and other goods you can get there. Better yet buy some stuff to make some sandwiches and enjoy a picnic in the river valley. 



4.       Picnic in the River Valley


After biking around you’ll probably have already found an ideal spot to sit a rest and enjoy an Edmonton style siesta! 


5.       Shopping on Whyte Ave


Edmonton has many awesome shopping centers and streets, but what makes Whyte Ave special is the amount of local stores offering unique products you can only find here.  From clothing boutiques to locally made chocolate you’re bound to find something you’ll love – so be prepared to have the credit card handy.   


(Picture Taken From: The Local Good)


6.       Garneau Theater


After some shopping you’ll need a place to relax a bit – why not take in a foreign film at Garneau Theater on 109 sreet. It’s one of Edmonton’s historical movie theaters and always has thought provoking films from around the world, including Canadian films, on show.  


7.       Poutine for Dinner


(Picture Taken from: Avenue Magazine)


A perfect Canadian weekend wouldn’t be complete without some Canadian cuisine! Lucky for you right beside the Garneau Theater you’ll find La Poutine, a local favourite that serves over 20 different types of poutines (a Canadian dish of fries and gravy originally from Quebec)  and you also have the option of creating your very own so the possibilities are endless….


Written by: Nathalie Batres




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