A Day in the Life of Steph

Hello My name is Stephanie and I am a second year University of Alberta international student from Peru!

Not that I'm trying to brag, or anything, but this is how I wake up almost every morning. That's right, Sarah Palin, you might see Russia from your window, but I see West Ed AND a rainbow hot air balloon -who's awesome now, eh?



Who Am I?

I was supposed to give you a step-by-step 'tour' of my day, but I'm going to write a bit about who I am and what I do instead. Because I'm a rebel like that. Teehee.

Okay, so I'm a second year international student from Peru, and I live in Lister. On the 10th floor, hence the wonderful view. This is my second year in Lister, and, to be honest, I love it. Sure, it gets noisy (and smelly) at times, but who are we to judge things by their aroma, or lack thereof? Lister is great, that's all. It's like a home away from home, where 40 floor-mates become friends, nay, family, and support, feed and have each other's backs. We have study parties, cooking parties, cleaning parties and even real parties! Mind blown right there. Lister is seriously the greatest.


10 Mac ready to party rock                                                                            10 Mac Thanksgiving Dinner



What I do for Fun

Not convincing enough? Fine. I live on 10Mac, Arts Leadership Cohort. We're an extra-awesome floor. Apart from being fun and studious Listerites, we volunteer and do good. We're in charge of a conversation club, 'Lister Talk', to help ESL students, mostly, become more comfortable with the language. We also organize fundraisers and participate in multiple volunteering activities throughout the year. We're cool like that.


As Liserites, we also play dodgeball. In Lister 'Dodgeball is everything to everyone', so we have weekly games and practices, and quite a few tournaments. We all take this very seriously. It's quite scary, but incredibly fun. Also, we all get dodgeball shirts, and dodgeball nicknames -gotta love those!


Dodgeball Game



Academic Life at UAlberta

Anyway, not everything at UAlberta is fun and Lister. We also study and go to classes and whatnot. I'm an Economics and Political Science double-major, and I just had one of the busiest weeks of my entire life. Midterm and term paper season. Stressful stuff. But I love my classes, I swear. My dodgeball nickname this year is 'Peruvian Party', but deep inside, I'm really just a big nerd. I advise you to do what I do, and never skip class, do your readings ahead of time, print out your notes, get to class 10 mins early, and visit your profs during office hours. No, you're not creepy if you do that. Professors like being visited, and they're actually beyond helpful. Here's a secret -first time I went to office hours was a few weeks ago, and it was the greatest thing. 97% on my assignment -chyeah! So yeah, do that. Visit your profs. They're lovely people.


Another little something about myself -I can't study in my room. I end up cleaning, doing laundry or taking accidental naps. So this is what I do -drum roll -I go to the library. This can either be the 'Mac Library', located in MacKenzie (Lister), Cameron, or Law Library. Mac Library is my loner space, and Cameron and Law are my Delta Gamma study spaces. Yes -I'm a sorority girl. I'm a proud Delta Gamma. We have study hours, so I study with the girls almost every day, and studying suddenly becomes fun. We basically take over one section of the library and fill it with oestrogen and caffeine - Best. Thing. Ever.


Right now, however, I'm writing this blog while chilling/studying with a few friends at the Caf (Lister Cafeteria). I would do this more often (having group study sessions at the Caf), but then I'd just get fat, and all my 6am workout sessions would be in vain, so I'll just stick to my sisters and my libraries.


Lister Cafeteria                                                                                                     Mac Library


Things to Remember

Something else I feel is important to share, is that UAlberta has a big campus and can be a bit intimidating at times. My advice to you: don't let it be. Befriend people. Join student groups. Volunteer. Be part of something and the campus will suddenly feel smaller and more familiar. Truth be told, I think I took this way too seriously. I have my Lister family, I have my Delta Gammas, and almost the whole Greek community, I have my Drama, Poli Sci, and Econ buddies, people from Bridges and the International Centre and Salsa class friends. So yeah, even though I'm Peruvian, and moved to Canada by myself just over a year ago, I now know people and UAlberta actually does feel like a second home.


 My Delta Gamma sisters and I volunteering at a Seniors Home



Delta Gamma girls at Anchor Splash -Fundraising event to help Service for Sight & the CNIB


So after a long day of waking up at 6am, working out, going to class, studying, volunteering, and chilling, I go back to my room, feed my fish, and go to bed. I must admit I'm pretty happy with my perfectly adequate life at the UAlberta.




My super awesome betta fish                                                                     This is where I sleep






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