A Day in the Life of Soyun Choi

Hello! My name is Soyun Choi, and I am currently in my third year in University of Alberta. I am also an international student from Republic of Korea! I came to the University of Alberta as an exchange student about seven months ago, and so far I’m having awesome time here. I thought I would give you a sneak peek into what my life here at UAlberta is like so follow me!

In the morning

I live in HUB (a campus mall) in a 4 unit bedroom apartment. My three roomies and I share a kitchen and bathroom, and we each have our own rooms. Living on campus is awesome in the morning because you can save time commuting to school! That means you can get more sleep!

HUB is located in the middle of the campus, so you can get anywhere on campus in a short period of time. This is especially great in the winter when it gets colder. Since I am in the education faculty, I just have to walk for five minutes to education building. Also, because the UAlberta campus is so beautiful, the walk to the class is nice.



My unit                                     Beautiful campus


Academic life

I am taking five courses right now, and last semester, I took four courses. Most of them are education courses, but I also take some other courses like drama, or English. What I can definitely say is that courses here are really great! UAlberta provides students with quality courses. Professors prepare a lot for the class, and they always try to communicate and interact with the students! I really learned a lot about elementary education, and I was provided with great opportunities to see education in different perspectives.

I was worried at first time about studying in a foreign country as an international student. To be honest, it was not always easy for me to follow the class, do the assignments, and take the tests. It is sometimes very hard for an ESL (English as a Second Language) student to do all the tasks required of my like my fellow students who speak English perfectly. However, I always managed to do all the work, because not only are my professors, but also classmates, are willing to help me. If I have a piece of advice for you it’s that it is really important to ask for help when you encounter a problem. Don’t be shy.

Along with my many classes I am also a Teaching Assistant (TA) in a Korean class, which is an awesome experience. I do things like checking students’ workbook and have conversations in Korean with students. I really enjoy working with students who want to learn my language. It’s a lot of fun!



Since I usually wake up late, I don’t really have time to have breakfast. So lunch is my first meal of the day. Another greatest thing about hub is that I can cook my own meal in the kitchen, which saves me a fortune. It is a lot cheaper when you make your own meal rather than eating out. (It is also nutritious!) Therefore, I don’t usually eat out. Instead, I go grocery shopping once a week, and I cook my own meals. Actually I find it is a lot of fun to cook, and I can eat whatever I want!



My lunch! Yummy!


Working out

Another great opportunity I get at UAlberta is that I can access various facilities with my ONEcard. Especially, in Butterdom where there is a swimming pool, skating rink, and fitness centre. This semester, I started to work out in fitness centre, and it is really great! I go to gym every day after I finish my class, and I work out for about an hour. I am not participating in any sports programs right now but there is always the option of learning various sports like dances, martial arts, swimming at a reasonable price if you are the student at UAlberta. Isn’t it cool?!


Fitness centre


And I come back to my home!

After I go to class and work out, I usually come back to my home. If I have assignments, I work on them at this time. Otherwise, I go on the computer or read some books. Then it’s time for bed!



This is my room



Things I do for Fun

So you heard about my normal day, but this is not it! Sometimes my day will consist of eating out in delicious restaurants on Whyte Avenue, or going to the movies with my friends. I also sometimes participate in the many special events on campus. There are some great parties in HUB, where you can have nice food and make new friends. I also participated in the Bridges program, which consists of visiting local schools and introducing my own culture. I visited the Annunciation school in Edmonton and talked to grade five students about Korean cultural celebration. It was awesome. But the best event at UAlberta was the recently held giant Dodgeball game! UAlberta actaully has the world Guinness record for the world’s largest dodgeball game with 4983 people and 1250 balls! Isn’t that amazing? I participated in record breaking dodgeball game, and became part of the Guinness record! Needless to say, it was really fun to play dodgeball with so many people. It was an experience that I could have never have done anywhere else.





After Bridges program with lovely students        World’s biggest dodgeball game!


UAlberta provides students with many great opportunities. But those opportunities are only given for those who enthusiastically search for them. I hope all of you who come to UAlberta get a chance to experience your own set of great experiences and make wonderful memories like me J Good luck!


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